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Mission IAS:
Integrated Test Series for Pre & Mains 2019/2020

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Get UPSC styled OMR sheets and Mains Answer booklets delivered at your home. Practice the same way you are supposed to fight the battle.

This programme is meant to those who have already completed their coaching and are in the revision mode with an aim to appear at 2019 or 2020 UPSC Civil Service Examination.

This is a strategically planned, systematically scheduled and organically linked test series programme for both Preliminary and Mains in an integrated manner.

Under this Programme, question papers along with UPSC styled OMR sheets and Mains Answer Booklets shall be despatched to each candidates located anywhere in India through courier or by Speed Post as per its schedule.

Under this Programme, Candidates have to compulsorily send back their written Answers for expert evaluation and OMR sheets for scanning and All India Ranking to Delhi.

Answer Booklets and OMR sheets can return to Delhi either byCourier or by Post or as Email attachment or through WhatsApp or with the help of any other electronic mode of your choice.

Irrespective of mode of submission, Hard copies of your evaluated copies along with model answers shall be returned to the candidates by Post or through Courier. The returning dispatch will also contain detailed Evaluation Reports on each test with views from different faculty members on the written answers of each candidate. (A model can be seen below)

With the expectation of utmost sincerity and honesty from the candidates, these dispatches will also contain Answer Keys with explanation of the respective Preliminary tests in a sealed cover for immediately cross checking answers. This sealed cover must be opened by the candidate only after the completion of test and submission of OMR to Delhi. However, model answers of Mains test will be sent to the candidates along with their evaluated copies through Courier or by Speed Post from Delhi.

The entire process will help the candidates for refining their writing style and horning their writing skills with insertion of constant improvements by embarking on a scientific revision of syllabus before the actual UPSC examinations.

OMR Sheet for Preliminarey Tests.

As part of this Test series Programme, OMR sheet like this will be despatched alongwith each test to the candidate located anywhere in India by Speed Post or through Courier.

Evaluated Copy of Mains Exam.

Every enrolled candidate has to submit their written Answers back to Delhi for evaluation. They will get their copy back after evaluation with detailed observations. Following is a copy submitted by a candidate during our recent spell of Test Series.

Evalaution Report.

At the time of returning evaluated copies back to the candidates, there will a separate report called Detailed Evaluation Report on the writing skills, styles and other aspects of each candidate. This report will be a compilation of different opinion expressed by different faculty members on the Answers submitted by the candidate. Following is a Report received by a Candidate.

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Programme 01.
Mission IAS: Final wrap-up for 2019 Pre.
Programme fee: ₹4,500. Now ₹2,700/-
40% Discount for next 20 Candidates.

Programme 02.
Mission IAS: Integrated Test Series for Pre & Mains 2020.
Programme fee: ₹8,000. Now ₹4,800/-
40% Discount for next 20 Candidates.