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Career Missions

New Delhi.

A strategic knowledge centre for Career Planning and Development.

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Distance Training Programmes for IAS.

To make you fast and first.

Monthly study pack,
delivered at doorsteps with your performance monitoring.

Mission IAS:
High School Programme.

This programme is designed for those students who are currently in their High School class of either VIII or IX or X Standard. The guidance will be according to their level of cognition and comprehension.

In this Mission IAS Programme, each candidate will be exposed into different dimensions of knowledge in a gradual manner. This programme will immensely benefit their ongoing studies in a vibrant manner. The frequent test series shall ensure that, candidates are developing good writing and other skills.

These acquired skills can also ensure high performance in other exams, including school exams. At the same time, they will be systematically preparing for IAS by sailing through the abundant treasure of knowledge with a gradual pace.

Mission IAS:
Higher Secondary Programme.

This programme is suitably crafted for those candidates who are currently in either XI or XII (+1 or +2) in any stream. Such as Science, Commerce, Humanities, Diplomas, Vocational Higher Secondary etc…

This programme is tuned, and study materials are pruned in simple lucid languages according to their level of cognition and comprehension skills. So, opting this programme during Higher Secondary period can ensure an effective studies and revisions of their current syllabus along with getting them prepared for UPSC CSE exam well in advance.

It will simultaneously ensure that, candidates are going through the new vistars of knowledge to transform them into multifaceted meritorious candidates.

Mission IAS:
Under Graduate Programme.

This programme is aptly moulded for those learners who are currently pursuing their 1st or 2nd year Degree course of any stream such as BA, BSc, B.Com, BBA, etc. and 1st or 2nd or 3rd year of Professional Degree Courses of any stream such as, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BDS, B.Tech, B.Arch, BPharm etc..

The logic and pragmatic approach behind this programme asserts that, candidates are going to be thoroughly prepared with all basics and static subjects before they enter into their final year. Such candidates can devote final year(s) for revision and updation. These candidates will be ready to appear for the UPSC exam while they are in the final year of their Graduation.

By then, these candidates will be academically updated and informationally up-to-dated with an unflinching level of confidence to face any competitive exam. Including, but not limited to, UPSC Civil Service Exam.

Mission IAS:
Final Graduate Programme.

This programme is exclusively designed for those candidates who have either completed their graduation but planning to appear 2020 UPSC CSE or those candidates who are in the final year/internship of their Graduation of any stream such as BA, BSc, B.Com, BBA, MBBS, BHMS, BAMS, BUMS, BDS, B.Tech, B.Arch, BPharm etc.

This Programme effectively targets 2020 UPSC Civil Service Examination with fine-tuned strategies along with the final year graduation without obstructing the graduation process and academic requirements therein.

There will be a planned and systematic adoption of preparation strategies considering the current engagements of the learners without compromising the dynamic aspects of Civil Service Preparation.

Mission IAS:
Accelerated & Intensive Programme.

This Programme is best termed as Target 2019 and is a Sure-Shot for Preliminary, Mains and Interview of 2019 Civil Service Exam. It is aimed at those candidates who have already completed their Graduation or engaged in higher studies or engaged in any Profession or pursuing their final year and are planning to give their attempt in 2019 UPSC CSE.

This Programme will cover the wide-ranging requirements for Preliminary, Mains and Interview in a precisely planned manner by effectively and judiciously utilising the available time. There will be a meticulously planned and strategically executable preparation frameworks in each movements of this Mission.

This programme is also embedded with multiple test series along with advanced study manuals to make sure that candidates are ready to reckon with their attempt in Civil Service Exam 2019 with utmost and unassailable confidence.

Mission IAS

Mission IAS is a uniquely designed, strategically planned and meticulously choreographed Distance Training Programme for IAS, developed by Career Missions New Delhi for early planners and enthusiastic learners.

This programme is structured to have simultaneous preparation for IAS along with current academics or any other activities in which candidates are engaged presently. By synchronously implementing IAS preparation strategies, the Mission IAS Programme ensures nourishments and excellence in every candidate by instilling a competitive spirit by keeping them well updated with advancements of knowledge.

All Programmes under Mission IAS are carrying inbuilt mechanisms to ensure that, learners are adequately updated and equipped with sufficient knowledge without burdening or compromising their currently pursuing professional or academic activities. Apart from visualising to bring an organised clarity, these programmes help them to enrich and enhance their mettle and merits through systematic studies.

By redefining the concept of distance learning regime in the country, Career Missions embarked India’s first uniquely designed Distance “Training” Programme for IAS by fetching its vast repository of professionally committed experts and expertise from Delhi for etching a glittering career on the future of potential candidates in the country.

Mission IAS Programme guarantees the deliverance of simply and lucidly structured study methods and materials with result oriented quality guidance backed by effective preparation strategies delivered directly from Delhi at your door steps every month.

Along with this, preparation, perseverance and the performance of each candidate will be continuously monitored by the experts for instituting effective improvements throughout the enrollment.>

Therefore, if you are an early planner for a glittering career either for yourself or for your children, then stay assured. You have landed at most suitable place, partnered with most suitable people and found most suitable programmes ever could be found in India at present.

Stay assured and get ready to succeed...!!!

Key Ingredients of Mission IAS

A meticulously planned, organically integrated and harmoniously implemented strategies are the absolute necessities to ensure a victorious emergence from the ever-growing competition regimes. So, the ingredients of Mission IAS is as follows.

1. Compatible, summarised study manuals of following subjects to be despatched to you every month.

  • a) Economy of India and International Economics

  • b) Geography of India and the World

  • c) History of India (Ancient, Medieval and Modern)

  • d) Polity, Constitution and Governance

  • e) Environment and Ecology

  • f) Indian Art and Culture

  • g) General and everyday science

  • h) Science and Technology

  • i) Ethics Integrity and Aptitude

  • j) CSAT (Paper II of Preliminary)

2. Monthly despatch will include the Gist of the following publications.
  • * PIB

  • * Yojana

  • * Frontline

  • * Kurukshetra

  • * World Focus

  • * Selected Think Tanks.

3. Summary documents of national and international affairs which will cover important issues of national and international dimensions.

4. Separate Fact-Sheets on the facts of relevance to make sure that candidates remain always factually correct.

5. Manuals on special and focused theme topic with comprehensive details in simple and lucid language. Eg. ABCD of WTO, ABCD of Nuclear technology etc...

6. Special collection of Essays for Essay writing assignments along with Essays of candidates checked by the experts from Delhi.

7. Model answers of subjective tests along with your evaluated copies

8. Specially crafted modules for Linguistic enhancement and Writing Skill development.


Structure of Mission IAS

The structure of Mission IAS is specially crafted to make sure that learners are not burdened with or distracted from their currently pursuing academics or activities. Rather, they are simultaneously preparing for IAS.

Accordingly, its contents, mode of material despatch and scheduling of tests are planned in a precise and systematic way.

By fourth week of every month, Career Missions’ Delhi centre will start despatching the study plans, materials and study manuals to the desired address of the candidates to start their preparation for the succeeding month. It means, study materials for corresponding months will be made available to every candidate before the first day of every month.

Every study packet of this despatch will contain study manuals of Economic, Geography, History, Polity, Environment, Ecology, Art and Culture, Science & Technology, Ethics, Fact-Sheet, summary of magazines, theme topic, Current Affairs and manuals on linguistic enhancement and writing skill development.

The size and contents of these study manuals are arranged and structured in a desirable format to facilitate the candidate in covering entire contents in a month without adversely affecting their ongoing academics or activities.

The despatched pack will also contain Question papers of objective and subjective examination or Essay Assignment along with OMR sheet and answer booklets to write and practice their answers in strict pattern of civil service examination.

On completion of scheduled tests, the copies must be sent back to Delhi for checking and marking. The answer copies can be sent to Delhi for evaluation as E-mail attachment or by Post. The residents of Delhi can directly submit at the centres or can be dropped at evaluation drop boxes placed at specific locations.

Every candidate who have submitted written answers shall receive hard copies of the same with feedbacks along with model answers. Irrespective of the mode of submission, all shall receive hardcopies of evaluated answers by post or courier.

With continuous performance monitoring on each candidate, this cycle will continue throughout the enrolment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any doubts to be clarified or any question to be answered. You can also refer our detailed concern and clarification section for more clarity.


Programmes under Mission IAS

Mission IAS is having Five different components keeping various streams of academics or activities candidates might have engaged presently. Therefore, those who are desirous to enrol for the programme are requested to opt the suitable Mission according to their current academic status.

We have developed each contents and methods considering the cognition level of the candidates along with their academic status. The study manuals are planned, tuned and pruned in systematic ways in the light of IAS preparation, which can simultaneously ensure an excellent all-round performance in the ongoing academics or in the professional activities candidates are engaged at present. Select the Programme by keeping these aspects in mind.

NRI Programmes: Uniquely designed versions of all these Mission IAS Programmes are available for Non Resident Indian (NRI) students currently pursuing their academics from the Indian recognised institutes located out of India. The Programmes are also available for Indian origin eligible candidates currently working in any foreign country. Please refer NRI programme section for more clarity

Key highlights of Mission IAS

Mission IAS is embedded with the following features.

  • 1. horoughly researched, up-to-date study manuals, modules, materials, tuto-rials, assignments, etc. in simple and lucid language for the better comprehen-sion and conceptual clarity delivered monthly and such other scheduled regularity, without obstructing the current academic or any ongoing activities.

  • 2. Frequent scheduling of both OMR objective and simulated subjective tests to build analytical ability and critical thinking.

  • 3. All written tests and essays are evaluated by subject experts from Delhi and sent back with feedback and model answers.

  • 4. Separate Students Performance Monitoring Cell manned by dedicated experts to track the performance of each students.

  • 5. Special Performance Report of students with observations of Performance Monitoring Cell on request.

  • 6. Instant support and constant guidance throughout the programme with the help of state specific student support cells.

  • 7. Monthly despatch of study plans, manuals, materials and assignments with the help of swift courier partners to ensure timely delivery at your door steps every month.

  • 8. Facility for electronic transmission of written tests and assignments to Delhi for evaluation.


Your possible concerns and our clarifications

  • Q.How does Mission IAS differ from other distance learning programmes?

Ans. Unlike the traditional distance learning programme where study manuals are dumped at one go by leaving the learners in lurch, Mission IAS is fundamentally differing from this approach. We are having a monthly study plan and monthly material despatch. Apart from these, regular tests are scheduled with expert evaluation from Delhi. Through these mechanisms, we will be in constant touch with you, with timely observations and guidance.

  • Q. Do the examiners know my class and where and what I am currently studying while evaluating my answer sheets?

Ans. Yes. While taking admission you will be allotted an understandably unique Enrolment number where by your current class and from which state you belong to will be known. This will help the examiner to look into your specialised needs and guidance.

  • Q. How this unique ID will be generated and allotted?

Ans. Every candidate will be allotted a Unique ID in each programme, which will be decipherable by sorting executives and examiners for better management. For example, if you belong to Kerala and currently studying in 8th standard, then your enrolment number will look like “083212345”. Likewise, if you are studying in 12th class Humanities and belong to Rajasthan then your Enrolment number will look like “12HU0812457”. This will ensure that you are being guided according to your current academic activities. (Here first two digits stands for class, then stream then official state code followed by your roster number with us)

  • Q. How the different streams of Graduation will be addressed?

Ans.Considering the fact that candidates currently pursuing graduation are going to appear for the exam anytime soon, we have devised special mechanism to look after their preparation strategies. Every candidate who are doing their graduation would be known to the concerned experts who look after the Graduation cell. Suppose you are studying BA first year from Kerala then your Unique ID shall look like “13BA3258745”. Here 13BA stands for first year BA and 32 represents your state. Rest will be your roster number with us. Accordingly, a second year BSc will be known as 14BSC3289485 and third year BCom 15BCOM3298745. In this way every student will be known uniquely.So, this specially devised mechanism will certainly make sure that you are getting unhindered, individualised and focused attention by our team in the process of your preparation.

  • Q. How will I receive my monthly books and study manuals?

Ans. We will ensure prompt and timely delivery of every despatch to your preferred address with the help of swift, speedy and reputed courier services or by speed post of department of Post. We will also verify your pin-code with our courier partner before finalising the mode of despatch from Delhi. So, in all circumstances you will receive every material on time.

  • Q. What if, I have any doubt or concern regarding my study or pattern or anything regarding study manuals?

Ans. You are always free to contact us. All your queries will be immediately forwarded to the concerned experts. Your concerns will be promptly addressed to your fullest satisfaction.

  • Q. What does the Students Performance Monitoring Cell (SPMC) mean?

Ans. It means, there will a separate cell manned by qualified experts who will track and document your performance in every tests and other assignments given to you. All your performance and recommendation given will be recorded in separate file under your name. In this way we will be able to monitor performance of every students individually. if requested, we will share this report with students or to any responsible person on behalf of the candidate.

  • Q. How shall I send my answer sheets to Delhi for checking?

Ans. On completion of your examination written from your home, you must transmit your answer sheet to Delhi without any delay. You can do it by sending as email attachments to or WhatsApp to 08130982070 or by post to Career Missions, B-1/4 DDA MIG, Pocket 1, Block B Rohini Sector 18, New Delhi 110085.
You can also drop it at Evaluation Dropbox placed at centres in Delhi also. We will take the print of your electronically transmitted copies for checking. Same will be send back to you along with model answers by Post.

You are strictly advised not to mention your name or any personal information on any part of the answerer sheet that you return to us, other than unique ID allotted to you in respective space.

  • If you have any further query, please write a mail to us and expect a prompt reply within few minutes. Or call or WhatsApp us at 08130982070, 011-42548211


Admission and Fee Payment

Candidates or their parents who wish to take admission in any Mission IAS Programmes can do so by any of the following ways as per their convenience.

Online Registration.
Click here to navigate to the Enrollment section of this portal. Select the programme suitable to your requirements and fill the requisite information in the relevant fields. You can complete the payment process either by Credit Card or Debit Card or ATM or Paytm or Net-Banking or UPI or Wallet Payment etc.

Candidates or their parents who are having any financial difficulty in paying the amount in entirety can opt for annual installment option.

Through Customised Payment Link.
You can request payment link by calling or sending us a request. We will revert with a customised instamojo payment link through which you can complete your online payment in a secure environment.

You can initiate payment through IMPS or NEFT to the given Account. Your admission will be processed soon after the transfer.

By Direct Deposit in the Bank. Most conveniently you can approach any of your nearest branch of State Bank of India (SBI) and make the payment into the Account mentioned in the prospectus or the Account Number you receive after the registration of your candidature in the admission section of this portal. For which you may select Bank Transfer option during checkout.

*Please note, Final Fees or Annual Fee mentioned against each programme is INCLUSIVE of all applicable taxes, material transmission charges (domestic) and payment gateway processing fees. For the international delivery of study packets, international shipping charges will have to be paid in addition to the domestic programme fee

If you face any difficulty in during the payment process please call at anytime on this helpline number. +91-8130982070 or +91-9560787988 (NRI Helpline) or 011 42548211


  • Programmes for Non Resident Indian (NRI) Students.

    The candidates who are currently pursuing their academics or working abroad can enrol for Online version of the respective Mission IAS Programmes.

    The strategy, methods, materials and methodologies in the NRI Programme will exactly resemble the Offline programme available in India. Only the mode of material despatch will be different. The study packets will be electronically made available on a planned and scheduled regularity. Click here to go to NRI Programmes.

    If the candidate wish to have the physical delivery of study packet to the country in which they are currently located, then such facility will be available by paying the shipment charges from India to the destination country in addition to the domestic Off-line programme fee.

    If you need any additional information please call at IST 9:00AM to 9:00PM on these helpline numbers. +91-8130982070 or +91-9560787988 (NRI Helpline) or 011 42548211

Career Missions

The necessity of Career Missions is conceived at a time intense competition is engulfed in every sphere of career planning and development in the country. It is to fetch the convergence of expertise from various fields to properly nurture and guide the learners for better planning of their careers. It is also to ensure that candidates are better placed and properly positioned to take every challenges head on.

The Academy of Career Missions is based in Delhi and has cleared all requisite regulatory and licencing requirements in this regard from both central and state goverments. Accordingly, its establishment is in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Blessed with innumerable experts who have gained experience and exposures in the field of civil service preparation, it is a platform of dedicated, sincere, hardworking and committed strategists who can guide the candidates to enhance their mettle and enlarge their merits.

So, with the help of our unflinching specialisation in the field of IAS preparation strategies, you can certainly bank and pin your hope on us, as we are blessed with most outstanding Research and Result oriented team to help for the smooth sailing for your Careers ahead.

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